Global Head of SAP d-shop


Christine Kuo is a seasoned professional with extensive background in User Experience (UX) design. Throughout her career, she has specialized in creating innovative product experience that captivate global market. Prior to joining SAP in 2014, she honed her expertise while working with renowned companies such as HSBC, Nokia & Samsung.

As a global head of SAP d-shop (internal innovation/maker space), encompassing over 30 locations worldwide. Christine leads and inspires groups of passionate individuals. Together they relentlessly endeavor to cultivate an innovative mindset and culture within SAP.

Beyond her work, Christine’s love for all things innovative is evident in her personal pursuit. She has an insatiable curiosity and any topics related to innovation, always staying up-to-date with latest trends and technologies that shape our world.

In her free time, Christine finds balance through her commitment to yoga, which helps her stay centered and focused. She also nourishes her adventurous spirit by embarking on hiking expeditions, seeking to explore new places and immerse herself in diverse culture and cuisines.