Vancouver Partner of OMNIA


Yasmine brings industry networks and trust capital built over years as a SME and senior advisor in healthcare, gaming, and tech start-ups. She brings deep experience working across a wide range of contexts including start-ups, venture capital and investment funds as well as large multilateral organizations. This includes work to generate go-to-market and customer insight, social impact measurements, metrics, and alignment – with the funding strategy across a wide variety of complex stakeholders.

Yasmine is a master of influence. She has the ability to formulate strategy and establish a coalition of individuals across business units, functions, and geographies to improve the execution of all types of innovation. As an executive strategy advisor, she not only grew the Striven Consulting brand to quadruple revenue, but also advised major Fortune 500 and technology clients. She has also been accredited as a strategic advisor, where she connects strategy with financing and investment readiness.

With over 18 years’ experience, Yasmine is a serial entrepreneur – acting as a technology co-founder, fund advisor and executive strategy leader—she has an unparalleled ability to bring the right stakeholders to the table. Tasked with critical decisions, she brings visionary concepts to life. As a deeply compassionate organization leader, Yasmine has the unique ability to identify and connect across pre-seed, early stage, government, private and public organizations. She is best known for her extensive experience enabling impact investing through monetization of data, and the value ad of QA to ensure high impact data.

Yasmine is committed to supporting a number of volunteer initiatives through her expertise. She serves on the ‘Power of Zero’ Board and the Aga Khan Grants and Review Board as a National Board Member leading Special Projects across Canada.